Medical Tourism Destinations


Asian medical tourism is highly developed with Preferred Providers often offering all-inclusive package that are cost-effective and customer friendly. Most major hospitals in Asia catering to international patients can help you with transportation, accommodation arrangements, interpreters and even Visa and insurance.


Medical tourism in Europe has grown tremendously in the past decade, as Europeans from the richer countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Ireland and Netherlands seek affordable private healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe. Cheap flights, open borders and all-inclusive packages cause this market to grow every year.

Latin America

American healthcare patients who may find Latin America to be a practical solution for surgical procedures. Many countries are within close distance from the USA, they are filled by US-trained and Board certified doctors.


South Africa is the leading medical tourism destination in Africa, having the best healthcare system south of the Sahara. It attracts patients from other African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania, as well as some America and European patients.

Middle East

Dubai is the remains the leading medical tourism destination in Middle East. Israel is also very popular for advanced surgical procedures. Other countries making strides to becoming medical tourism destinations include: Jordon, Lebanon and Egypt.