IHC “Best International Hospital Awards”

IHC International Hospital Review

International Healthcare Commission’s mission is to provide patients with the decision-making information to connect them to the top private hospitals in the world.
IHC helps patients, doctors and insurance payers by evaluating hospitals and healthcare providers.

Since 2009, IHC has been providing healthcare market research and identifying best practice private hospitals throughout the world.


Best International Hospital Awards

IHC reviews thousands of private hospitals throughout the world to identify organizations that we rate as the “Best International Hospital” in each country. The methodology, criteria for selection is based on proprietary algorithms belonging exclusively to IHC.


IHC’s International Hospital Rating Criteria

IHC’s international hospital ratings criteria was developed with input from patients, doctors, hospital CEOs, insurance companies and medical tourism professionals. IHC reviews private hospitals in each country and assigns a score of 1-to-5 based on level of compliance with each of the following criteria. The highest possible score is 100. The hospitals with the highest combined score for that country are rated as Best International Hospital for the year of the evaluation.

IHC Ratings Criteria

Range of Clinical Specialization Foreign languages spoken by operators
Medical Technology and Equipment Medical records available in English
International Quality Accreditation Availability of English speaking doctors and nurses
Acceptance of International Insurance International affiliations
Medical Tourism Association Membership International training of Medical Staff
Number of Foreign Patients Treated Hospital’s website languages
Presence of International Services Dept. Transparency of pricing
Patients Bill of Rights % of private patient rooms (single-bed)
Number of VIP patient rooms Other international awards received
On-site diagnostic imaging and laboratory Recognition by the US Embassy