IHC International Inpatient Proposed Price Guide

In 2014, the International Healthcare Commission developed an inpatient price guide for hospitals throughout the world. IHC’s Price Guide is means to assist hospitals to price all-inclusive inpatient treatment packages.


2016 International Diagnosis Resource Grouping (iDRG) Payment System
Based on the USA’s Medicare PPS system, IHC’s Price Guide calculated the cost elements based on complexity of the treatment, anticipated length of stay and resources required to provide the treatment and care. The prices are all inclusive of hospital stay, doctor fees, medication, procedure and operation, and related charges. The pricing system is ideal for international insured patients and medical tourists that want to know the all-inclusive cost of a procedure in advance of the treatment.


Includes over 900 Inpatient Packaged Prices
The IHC Proposed Price List consists of 900 different hospitalization case. The case-based pricing methodology includes: International DRG Code, International Description (English) Anticipated Length of Stay (LOG) Complexity Score (DRG Weight) and the suggested price. This list can be universally used by hospitals in every country. Many international insurance companies recognize and support iDRG payments.


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