Hospital Ratings and Accreditation

International Hospital Quality Accreditation

Over the past few decades, quality of healthcare provision has improved throughout the world. The desire for safe and good quality has fuled the growing interest in international healthcare accreditation. Providing healthcare, at an adequate safety standard is a complex and challenging process. In any part of the world healthcare services are provided either by the public sector or private sector, or by a combination of both.

Public sector hospitals normally follow the domestic governmentally imposed hospital safety and quality systems. Private sector hospitals must seek independent quality accreditation, in addition to meeting local compliance regulations. The international leaders in hospital safety and quality accreditation are ISO, Joint Commission International and Trent.

Hospital Ratings is a relatively new trend in the United States and abroad. Leaders in the American domestic healthcare marketing include HealthGrades, CMS, LeapFrog, USNews&WorldReport and CareChex. The leading international hospital ratings organization is the International Healthcare Commission, based near Atlanta Georgia USA. Since 2009, IHC has been providing hospital ratings to international health insurers. In 2014, IHC became consumer facing, and began providing patients with hospital ratings and awards.